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Marsh Pig ‘Pig In A Day’ Course

Spend a hands on day at Marsh Pig HQ which nestles in the beautiful South Norfolk Countryside, 8 miles from Norwich City Centre.

Working alongside a Master Butcher with 46 years experience and two established Award-winning Artisan Charcutiers. You will be shown in the morning how to get to grips with the carcass of a free range pig, breaking it down into primal cuts and then into traditional butchers cuts, involving lots of hands opportunity for you to hone your inner butcher skills.

After lunch you will learn the Art of Curing, how to brine pork to make British ham, make pork rillettes pate plus make your own bacon and cooking chorizo to take home as well as being shown how to cure an Air Dried Ham.

What you’ll learn

On this Pig in a day course you will have a fun and informative hands on day learning how to break down and debone a pig into traditional butchers cuts with lots of recipe suggestions along the way. In the afternoon you will make make delicious treacle bacon, British ham, Pork rillettes pate, and how to cure a leg of pork to make Air Dried Ham and Cooking Chorizo
You will take home the cooking chorizo, bacon, ham cure, the pork rillettes and a couple of fresh pork chops as well as comprehensive notes and recipe suggestions.

The course will take you through:

  • The different breeds of pigs, and the importance of quality meat selection.
  • Best cuts of pork to use for your cooking adventures at home.
  • A range of techniques, including, knife sharpening, butcher’s knots, french trimming, cutting a side of pork into primal cuts and a full range of their uses, dry curing, brine curing and Air Drying techniques.

All ingredients, a light breakfast and an informal lunch are included in the price of £200.

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Pig In A Day Course

Where: Marsh Barn, Claxton Corner, Claxton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14 7HU
When: 24/02/2018 - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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