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How to Create the Perfect Charcuterie Board

By sarah kennedy In: NEWS September 21, 2015 No Comments

How to put together the perfect Charcuterie Board.

We are often asked how to create the perfect Charcuterie Board for dinner parties, or just the perfect carpet picnic, here are some of our top tips;

Presentation is paramount as we all know we eat with our eyes. We love serving up our favourites on a wooden board, however slate can look pretty sexy too, try mixing it up by adding a sheet of greaseproof , it can lighten the presentation.

Now to the good stuff…..what to put on it, some purists out there will say a board should only contain meats that come from the same country….you know, Fennel, Coppa and Bresaola for the Italian style feast, Lomo and Chorizo for the ultimate Spanish style board….here at Marsh Pig we say it’s all about what you love, so mix it up!

Do be aware of of heat levels, some of you might like the spicier end of the market, like our Garlic and Paprika, Chorizo or our Hot and Spicy….maybe some Jerky with a beer before you sit down for your Charcuterie board, but it’s not for everyone, so be mindful of your guests.

We also like a mixture of textures, so as well as a couple of different salamis we will definitely add some Coppa and Bresaola, those air dried meats that add a different mouth feel to the board. Wrap some Coppa around asparagus when in season or some Lomo around a fig, the sweetness of the fruit with the sweet smoked paprika hit of the Lomo is a flavour sensation!

A great Charcuterie platter is a thing of great beauty, only made better by the ‘side bits’ (professional charcuterie term). As you can see from the image we have added cornichon one of our favourites, in the summer radish work well but let us introduce you to an amazing cucumber pickle we think this adds just the right amount of piquancy.

When it comes to bread or crackers, we are split. Jackie prefers crisp breads from Peters Yard also available at the amazing Norfolk Deli 2015 winner of the Best Independent Food and Drink Retailer and I (Sarah) prefer sour dough made by the marvellous Grimsby at Pye Baker

Now, what to drink…and again this is where Jackie and I split (or could it be because it means a bottle each) I prefer a glass or bottle of Prosecco and Jackie, she will always prefer a glass of red, a “big” red apparently, like a Malbec or Syrah. For those of you who would prefer to steer clear of the alcohol try not to chose anything too sweet or fruity, sparkling water or tonic we think work best.

So, really what are we saying, pull together all that you love from the world of cured meat, add great artisan crackers and bread, add some piquancy with pickles, chutney and raw vegetables. Add wine, friends and conversation and you have the perfect Charcuterie Board.

marsh pig meat board
You can order all of the above British Charcuterie from our shop 🙂


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